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AMCF Indian Leadership Forum


“Global Business 2020: Paving the Way for India" 


Management Development Institute (MDI)

Gurgaon, India

January 18, 2013

10:00am - 6:30pm IST


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The first decade of the twenty-first century represents a strategic inflection point in the global economic landscape. India, as one of the biggest contributors to world economic growth, is a flag bearer of this transformation.

The country is a mega-market for almost every product and service and has developed platforms that dramatically reduce companies’ global cost structures while significantly boosting the world's technology and innovation base. India is also the birthplace of new fearsome global competitors. And yet, much still has to be done to develop the country’s infrastructure, make the economic environment more transparent and reduce unnecessary bureaucracy that impedes growth and attractiveness of foreign direct investment. Equally important is the new generation of consumers who have immense buying power and are transforming how companies conceive, sell and market their products in India…as long as the circumstances are favorable.

This year’s Indian Leadership Forum will include authors, professors, consultants and their clients discussing the rise in importance of Indian multi-national corporations in the global marketplace and the influx of foreign corporations in the Indian market. In particular, this program will focus on the barriers and frustrations confronting both groups in the form of complex regulations, differences in culture, demographics and purchasing behaviors as well as competitive threats, pricing challenges and so on.

Keynote speakers include Amitabh Mall, a Partner and Director at Boston Consulting Group India who will discuss a new book just published by his company called “The $10 Trillion Dollar Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent in China and India,” Walter Kiechel, former Managing Editor, Fortune, ex-Editorial Director of Harvard Business Publishing and author of the book, “The Lords of Strategy” and business leaders based in India from companies such as GE, HP, Coca-Cola, Tata, Mitall and Airtel, among others.


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Management Development Institute (MDI)

Mehrauli Road
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