April 27, 2006

MIX 06 with Steve Ballmer…
Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft was in Paris at Marigny Theatre to deliver with force his message on WEB 2.0 to 800 specialists divided between 3 categories: 1/3 of internet developers, 1/3 marketing and sales persons and 1/3 technical decision makers. With the program: AJAX,  RSS, ATLAS…  in short, the Toolbox of the new Internet which obviously has come…

It was in Harvard that Steve Ballmer knew Bill Gates. With the difference of this one: Steve Ballmer had the good idea of obtaining its diploma and to continue its studies while Bill Gates was to create Microsoft. After a passage at Procter & Gamble Steve Ballmer was to join the editor of Seattle which was under full development after the contract signed with IBM for the development of the well known Operating System DOS which was to equip the PC. Becoming the World number 1 in Operating Systems for micro-computers, Microsoft was then to embark to imposing itself in the office automation, thanks to the new Windows OS and the Office software suite whose products headlights such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint were to be known all over the world. But beyond technology and a very efficient marketing and sale it was mainly the capacity to impose "standards in fact" which was to make the real success of Microsoft. A success which was not since then contradicted. In 1995, Bill Gates bet on the new coming Internet, to which it is now refered to as Internet 1.0 or WEB 1.0 and helped Microsoft to shorten the field with the other competitors.  Internet Explorer was to that purpose the essential tool to succeed. It is used today by more than 90% of the Net surfers. With Explorer, Outlook and the many services of MSN, Microsoft became rapidly one of the largest operators of the Internet.  If the Nineties saw the development of display sites and commercial portals, after the Internet
bubble burst in 2000 started the development of multi-media solutions much richer, relying on Video Streaming, MP3 and Voice on IP authorized by the rise of a Broadband capacity of the networks as well as the emergence of an Internet more personalized though more related to community life as it can be seen by the development of Blogs and large information aggregation allowed by powefull search engines. This is the revolution of  the WEB 2.0, a drastic change that puts the question of the development tools and the compatibility of the technologies that goes with it. The stake is serious for the developers, even if it appears today that bridging between Legacy Solutions and Open Source are much more numerous than before. To sell its "Toolbox of Development" of the WEB 2.0, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft did not hesitate to fly to Paris and to do with strengh its usual demonstration of Charisma in front of an attendance obviously subjugated. An operation set-up quickly by Microsoft France after the MIX of Las Vegas in March 2006, in collaboration with Journal du Net (Newspaper of the Net) from Benchmark Group, leading to a very successful result.

Among the technologies of which it was discussed: Ajax, which represents the aggregation of technologies supporting the Web today (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Xml, RSS…)  and  Atlas, which is the Development
Toolbox of Microsoft and that allows the realization of Websolutions  which can operate under the many different Browsers available: Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explore 6 and soon the future Internet Explorer 7.  Had been invited for the occasion two pioneers of the Internet: Michel Meyer,  Founder of Multimania and more recently Kewego,  las well as Pierre Chappaz, Founder of Kelkoo and lately Wikio. Were to intervene during the day many "Long Rifles" of Microsoft: Marc Jallabert, Director of Microsoft Plateform, and the organizer of the day, Olivier Marcheteau, Director of MSN, Christophe Lauer, Head of Web Development, Guillaume Fox, Head of Architect Solution, Jean Christophe Cimetiere, Head of DotNet at Microsoft France. Were also to intervene:  Jean François Legras and Marie Winter, Operations Executive Officer and Marketing Director of the website AvendreAlouer, Freddi Mini, Director of Musicme, a musical search engine and  Arnaud de Puyfontaine, CEO of EMAP (Téléstar, Télépoche) …

The report and the interview of Jean Christophe Cimetiere in a few days…

Bertrand Villeret
Chief Editor 

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