7 octobre  2011 


We’ve Moved the Date of AMCF’s Annual Global Leadership Forum!



Thursday, March 1st & Friday, March 2nd 2012


The University Club

1 West 54th Street

New York, NY 10019


This year’s Global Leadership Forum is an examination of some of the most powerful business ideas today as well as processes that are evolving to better adapt to an ever interconnected world. In particular, we will focus on areas that are emerging globally as drivers of change and improvement. At its heart is the belief that given all the uncertainty in the world, especially economically, it is time for ground-breaking but also clearheaded, socially-minded and implementable ideas.

The main topics we will be addressing are:

·         Truly Global: The Convergence of Business Models

·         Can Risk Management Alone Guarantee Survival?

·         Corporate Social Responsibility: Separating Myth and Reality

·         Rethinking Manufacturing for High-Cost, Developed Economies

·         Social Media and the Kaleidoscope of Changing Customer Engagement

·         Global R&D: Where will the Next Big Ideas Come From?

Join fellow senior leaders of consulting firms, our clients, academics, industry experts, government officials and media at this industry wide event.




Gary Hamel, a professor at London Business School and author of numerous best-selling business books will receive the 2012 Carl S. Sloane Award for Excellence in Consulting for his contributions to the industry. He will also deliver the keynote speech that opens the event.


We have designed the event to be a combination of speeches, panels and debates and will involve audience members at all levels, resulting in meaningful dialogue between presenters and participants.



The University Club

1 west 54th street

New York, NY 10019


To know more visit the AMCF website at :

and email to John Furth, President of AMCF  :

Also get informed about the 2012 AMCF :


Consulting teams comprised of exceptional talent are a tremendous force in helping clients find solutions to critical challenges, moving them forward with sustainable solutions for their businesses. The time has come to recognize consulting firms’ exceptional value!

AMCF urges you to submit your firms most successful and innovative projects from the past year to the 2012 AMCF Awards. These awards will pay tribute to outstanding client and consulting project teams at a gala awards dinner in New York City on Thursday, March 1, 2012. It’s time to celebrate your success!


There are 10 Project Award categories:

      Business Strategy

      Change Management

      Finance and Risk Management

      Customer Engagement

      Human Capital

      Operational Performance

      Corporate Social Responsibility/Environmental

      Transaction /Event-Driven

      Technology Transformation

      Developing Markets

Entries will be assessed by an independent Selection Committee drawn from academia, media and the public/private sectors.


Winning an award satisfies the competitive spirit which is inherent in many great firms and leaders. The AMCF Awards are an excellent way to promote your firm’s brand among industry peers and potential new clients. Winning firms and project teams will receive prominent recognition at our awards gala and on our website, as well as coverage from the media. An AMCF award will be an unparalleled endorsement of a firm’s mission, project approach, and consulting talent.


The AMCF Awards will also spotlight your clients’ successes, positioning them as industry leaders and true agents of positive change.


Any management consulting firm may nominate entries for the 2012 AMCF Awards. The deadline for award submission is Monday, October 31, 2011.


For more information and to submit proposals, please go to the Awards tab on the AMCF or contact us at

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