April 4, 2006

Eurosec Forum 2006 is open…  Report on the first day …

Herve Morizot, Director of XP-Conseil - Devoteam Group opened the 17th Eurosec Forum in the presence of Pierre de Bousquet from the DST. We report in the following the first images of the conferences held at the CNIT Paris - La défense and those from the Coktail organized by BMC Software during which the American specialist John O' Leary from the Computer Security Institute received a special Award from the hands of Isabelle Hachin, Head of communication at XP-Conseil:  17 years of fidelity to Eurosec… Oh  Really ?

Eurosec 2006
Herve Morizot, Director of XP-Conseil - Devoteam
declares  the 17th Eurosec Forum open…

Eurosec 2006
in the presence of Pierre de Bousquet of the DST
who talked lengthly on the phenomenon of
Cybercriminality and the support it brings to
international terrorism…

Eurosec 2006
The first day of conference was to finish  by a Cocktail
 organized by BMC Software in the CNIT Lounge …

Eurosec 2006
the right moment to meet again whith John O' Leary
of the CSI, the Computer Security Institute…

Eurosec 2006
and to be introduced to Robert  Richardson , Editor
in Chief of the Newsletter of the CSI....

Eurosec 2006
On this occasion Isabelle Hachin, Head of
Communication  of XP Conseil was to give to
John O' Leary a Special Fidelity Award…

Eurosec 2006
for its 17 participations at the Eurosec Forum…

Eurosec 2006
an award ceremony attended by Mrs O' Leary… 

Eurosec 2006
to  the great happiness of the two Americans
from Plano Texas

Eurosec 2006
The conferences show today and will last
until Wednesday, the day of the closing session...

Bertrand Villeret,
Chief Editor

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